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Our list of the 3 wedding reception mistakes you’ll want to avoid will prevent problems that could  ruin your long anticipated wedding reception. Any good wedding site will offer you a variety of wedding reception time lines and a list of things you need to do at your wedding and the reception. As a wedding professional we work with weddings quite often supplying wedding tents, tables chairs and other wedding rentals. During our experience at a variety of weddings, we have come to see there are some things that can really create a problem during the wedding or at the reception. Here are 3 wedding reception mistakes you’ll want to avoid:

  1. Keep everyone on the same page. This problem actually occurred at my own wedding and I include it here because things like this happen so often at weddings. It’s true you can’t have a perfect wedding but you can do your best to go over things often enough that you avoid what happened to me. I got married by a Catholic Priest in a Catholic church. We originally scheduled the wedding for the evening but in the midst of things decided to change the wedding to the afternoon. The invitations were sent out and all was going well or so I thought. I arrived at the small church and to my surprise I found out that Father John hadn’t gotten the time change message. Luckily he lived on the grounds and happened to be home. This held up our wedding by about 45 minuets.   If you are planning a wedding and wedding reception, make sure you keep everyone aware of any time changes or other changes. Communication is key and keeping track of who does what helps too.
  2. Don’t underestimate how much time it takes to take pictures and introduce the wedding party. As a party tent rental company, we are usually long gone by the time the wedding reception starts. But over the years, we have watched a few wedding receptions that have left the guests waiting too long. Your guests are excited about the wedding and seeing the two of you tie the knot. They also are interested in getting the reception underway. If you have a lot of pictures you want to take, consider having them taken before the wedding or during the rehearsal. This cuts down on the time you leave your guests waiting for you to arrive at the reception. A cocktail hour can help but only for so long. The time will drag on for what seems like hours if your guests have no food, drink or entertainment. This is one of the 3 wedding reception mistakes you’ll want to avoid.
  3. Make sure you have entertainment. Whether you have music and allow dancing is up to you. Most outdoor wedding receptions go over nicely if you rent a dance floor or have something for the guest to do. This might mean spending extra on a live band instead of having a DJ if there is going to be no dancing. If your wedding is in the afternoon or you prefer to avoid the dancing part of the reception, you can limit the reception time line and just do the basics or you can provide your guests with something else to do.

3 wedding reception mistakes you’ll want to avoid

There are many wedding mistakes that occur from time to time. No wedding is perfect and pulled off perfectly. Usually the little mistakes and mishaps are what make your wedding day memorable. When you get married plan to make the day your own by creating the wedding of your dreams. Just remember, it’s your day but you want to make sure your friends and relatives enjoy the evening as much as you do. Plan ahead and avoid these 3 wedding reception mistakes and you’ll be on your way to having a successful wedding reception.