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Your big day should be a reflection of your personality! If you’re a fun-loving gal like me, you’ll want you wedding to be exciting and unique. I tied the knot on June 14th of this year and it was truly a day to remember. We had guests for months telling us it was “the best wedding they’ve ever been to”. As much as I’d like to toot my own horn, I had lots of help from Pinterest, friends, family and our awesome vendors *cough* Advantage Tent & Party Rental *cough*. Today, I’m breaking out the binder I used to plan my wedding and share our fun tips and tricks!

1. Morning-Of Mimosas

Need I explain this one? Before my morning mimosa, I was feeling stressed and super nervous. After, I was feeling calm, giggly and slightly sentimental. Much better.

2. Dancing Down The Aisle

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 4.11.31 PM

Okay, so I may have ripped this idea from the TV show The Office, from the episode where Jim and Pam get married. But it was a BLAST! We danced to “Forever” by Chris Brown. Everyone was laughing, guests and bridal party, which kept the mood light. If I took the slow walk down the aisle with traditional music, I would’ve been crying my eyes out!

3. Outdoor Tent Reception

weddingWe held our reception outside in a tent. It was absolutely gorgeous! Best investment we made in our wedding by far. Advantage Tent & Party Rentals did our tent, tables, chairs, linens and lighting. All we had to do was throw some flowers on the table and call it a night!

4. Play The Shoe Game


We played the Shoe Game at our wedding (compliments of Pinterest). To play the game, my husband and I swapped shoes, so that he was holding one of my TOM’s and I was holding one of his shoes. My sister asked us questions such as, “Who is the better driver?” and “Who is grumpier in the mornings?” and my husband and I would hold up the appropriate shoe. This game was a RIOT. All of our guests were standing around, cracking up, ooing and ahhing and even chiming in. It was a great way to get everyone involved and set a fun tone for the rest of the evening.

5. Dance The Night Away!

dance all night

This was arguably the best part of the night. My husband and I got the dance floor going and danced with our guests all night! We had heard horror stories of couples who barely saw each other on their wedding night because they got separated talking to different sides of their families all night. We wanted to enjoy our own party and do it together! We stayed on the dance floor all night. It was a great way to get people dancing. If our guests wanted to talk to us, they had to put their dancing shoes on and get out there. Both mine and my husband’s grandma’s ended up breaking it down on the dance floor! Yes, it involved lots of robots, disco fingers and booty shaking and yes, we were all embarrassed the next day, but hey, that’s what weddings are for 🙂

Thank you Advantage Tent & Party Rental for making this the wedding of our dreams! You made our day so effortless, fun and beautiful. To all you soon-to-be-brides out there, I highly recommend choosing Advantage Tent & Party Rental for your big day!

– Chelsea Creekmore, Married June 14th, 2014