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If you’re engaged and thinking of a wedding date, these 6 reasons why getting married in the summer is Not overrated should convince you the traditional “wedding season”, May through October is a great time to tie the knot! Here’s Why:

Summer Is a Good Time To Travel

If you are planning on inviting out of town guests, summer is a great time for most people to travel. This is especially true if they have small children who can’t miss school. If you plan your wedding in the summer, more people are likely to be able to come.

Summer is the Best Time For Outdoor Weddings

If you have a special place you want to hold your wedding, summer is the best time for an outdoor wedding. You can take advantage of the summer sun, beautiful scenery and blue skies without having to worry about cold snow or sleet. A wedding tent can protect your guests and give shelter for the event or reception too.

Fresh Flowers and Foliage

Of the 6 reasons why getting married in summer is Not overrated, this reasons makes the most budget sense. If you want to have a lot of fresh flowers and bright green foliage in your wedding, summer makes these items more available and less expensive. Whether you are talking about cut flowers or flowers growing outdoors, you will love the look of green in the summer and the beautiful flowers everywhere.

You Can Wear Lighter Clothes

If you love the warmth of the summer sun, you will agree a summer wedding makes sense. You can dress lighter and not have to worry about being cold either. Think of your bridesmaid’s dresses and sleeveless gowns. Many people also choose colors for their wedding that look better in summer than winter.  Photographs are often taken outside even if the wedding is inside. You will find wedding pictures look better in the summer when everyone has a nice tan.  Outdoor pictures look better too when the girls aren’t freezing to death and their teeth aren’t chattering.

Summer Honeymoons are the Best

Having your honeymoon in the winter may not be a good idea either. What do you and your soon to be spouse like to do? If you like the idea of an island resort or other summer time vacation spot, you will love knowing your honeymoon is going to be in the summer. Yes! Summer weddings are Not overrated!

Summer is A Great Time For Your Anniversary

At the risk of sounding like I need a vacation, when you plan your wedding date, you are also planning your anniversary date. Think about it, you might find that having a summer wedding date will mean that for every year after that, you can get away on your anniversary more easily and go to more places. A trip to the beach isn’t that much fun in the winter but in the summer, it makes a great Anniversary get away.

6 Reasons Why Getting Married in Summer is Not Overrated

As you can see from these 6 reasons why getting married in summer is Not overrated, summer weddings make sense. I’m sure you can think of many other reasons but these made the most sense to me. If you have questions about your wedding and planning the event, call Advantage Tent and Party Rentals. They have everything you need to make the most out of your summer wedding!!