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Trying to choose lighting for a party, wedding or event? It’s an important decision that could mean the difference between your guests squinting through dim-light all night, being blinded or enjoying a well-lit, beautiful event. It’ll affect the outcome of your pictures and the overall ambience of your event. Below, we’ll discuss some popular options for lighting rentals in Cincinnati:


Uplighting is a common event or party lighting choice. It’s also often referred to as “mood lighting”. It involves a collection of lights arranged along a room’s parameter typically shining upwards on the walls or sides of the tent. The color of the light shining can be customized to match your wedding, party or event perfectly. If you’ve ever witnessed uplighting in action at a special event, you’ve seen firsthand how elegant and eye-catching it can be! 

Streamer Lights

Streamer Lights
Just what you need to add a touch of class to your next event, Advantage Streamer Lights offer lighting options for all occasions! Streamer Lights are spaced every 12” and utilize a 7 watt candelabra bulb. All of our Streamer Light strings have a recommended maximum run length of 150 ft. and the SPT-2 cord is rated for 10 amps. All streamer components are U.L. Listed for maximum safety.

Round Nylon Party Lanterns

Round Nylon Party Lanterns

Advantage Tent Nylon Party Lanterns are durable and long lasting, yet exude a unique shimmer that regular paper lanterns don’t offer. Our rental lanterns in Cincinnati Ohio are much more durable than regular paper lanterns and are available in a multitude of sizes and colors to match your event décor. Whether you are decorating for an elegant wedding or for a festive backyard party, our Nylon Lanterns are sure to create a unique atmosphere at your next event! They also come in specialty shapes, for a totally unique look.

Cincinnati Wedding Tents

Commercial Grade Light String

Our New Commercial Grade Light Strings feature a unique weather resistant seal around each bulb and are manufactured with Extremely Durable PVC Resin. Made in white to match most tent & event decor, this light set is ideal for stringing across tents, courtyards, walkways and entryways.

Commercial Precut Rope Light Kits

Rope lights are perfect for perimeter lighting, accentuating dance floors and highlighting walkways. Our Pre-cut Rope Light Kits are available in 10’, 30’ & 50’ sections and are linkable up to 150’. Each Kit includes a 6’ power cord and one clip per foot of rope light. These kits are U.L. Listed because they are sold factory “pre-cut”.

Classical 5-Arm Chandelier

Our weather-resistant outdoor chandelier is sure to add a touch of elegance to any tent or gazebo. U.L. Listed for all-weather outdoor use, this chandelier has a portable swag cord that makes it easy to hang from our lighting arms.

Decorative L.E.D. Candles

L.E.D. Candles are an exciting new product that flicker just like real candles but pose absolutely no fire hazard to your event! Available in a multitude of colors to match your décor, L.E.D. Candles utilize two “AAA” batteries and have an incredible life span of 100,000 hours! Sold in unit packs of five (5).

White Wedding Net Lights

Wedding Net Lights are perfect for decorating wedding receptions and banquet areas. The built-in eight function controller gives you the option to leave all the lights on or create motion. Net Lights are U.L. Listed for both indoor and outdoor use. They also come available with motion options, for a unique and beautiful look!

Wedding Net Lights

Top Of The Line Lighting Rentals in Cincinnati

While lighting is extremely important, it shouldn’t be the main focus of your party or event. It should add some visual interest without being too much of a distraction! We customize our Cincinnati lighting rental packages for all of our clients based on their unique needs and the layout of their venues. Don’t stress over lighting! Let your friends at Advantage Tent & Party Rentals help.