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Must haves for your outdoor wedding include party favors, refreshments and other accessories that will keep you, your wedding party and guest comfortable outside. You can’t predict the weather but you can predict some of the things you might need if it is too cold, too hot or just right! Here are 5 must haves for your outdoor wedding:

The Perfect Wedding Tent and Restroom Trailers

Yes an outdoor wedding is suppose to be open and airy, right? Right! But giving your guests a place to retreat to is always a good idea. You can’t predict the weather and even if the weather is gorgeous, a tent provides shade, a place to set up a dance floor or DJ. Your outdoor wedding will be beautiful but having the perfect wedding tent will provide you with a wonderful place to set up rental tables and chairs for the reception.  A restroom trailer is a necessity and you won’t believe how nice they are inside! Definitely a must have!

Comfortable Seating

This is one of the outdoor wedding must haves that can’t be overlooked. You, your wedding party and your guests will want to sit down from time to time. Providing your guests with comfortable seating will help them relax and enjoy the wedding to its fullest. If it’s hot, standing during the ceremony may not be a good idea for some of your guests, especially the elderly. Some outdoor chairs are hard to sit in for long. Most chair rental chairs are available in a variety of styles and include comfortable options.

Refreshments During The Day

Your wedding party will be busy during the day getting themselves and any last minute details ready. It is really important to make sure they have ample food and drinks to keep them energetic and hydrated. Fresh cool water can go a long way toward making sure your wedding party is ready for the festivities.

Consider The Best Wedding Favors

Must haves for your outdoor wedding include providing your guests with unique wedding favors that will help them remember the day and keep them comfortable. You might consider individual parasols, sunglasses or embroidered handkerchiefs. How about flip-flops for dancing? There are many different party favors for outdoor weddings. Keep looking until you find just the right thing.

One Last Must Haves For Your Outdoor Wedding

There are a few things you can keep on hand or provide them neatly displayed in the restrooms trailer or on party tables. Try having a basket of sunscreen or bug repellant for your guests to use. Consider renting an ice cream cooler. Maybe a basket of wet wipes or towels to help with sweat and cool your guest off. Large fans can also keep things cool or heaters if it will be cold out. Your wedding rental company should be able to provide you with things like outdoor lighting, tables, heaters and fans.

From all the staff at Advantage Tent and Party Rentals, Have a great outdoor wedding!!