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These New Years Eve Party Ideas will help you ring in the New Year with style. Don’t forget with all the busyness of the season to begin your New Years Eve Party planning now. Here are ideas to get you inspired:

Make A Plan

Start by deciding the essentials like where, when, who to invite. Then determine the type of party. Will you serve dinner? Will you serve a late night breakfast? Do you want your party to be elegant or casual? The answers to these questions will help determine what you need and how elaborate you want to go. Will you need servers or bartenders or will you let your guests serve themselves? Once you make some basic decisions, you can invite the guests and gather some friends to help.  Having extra help will make the planning and work much more enjoyable!


Gold and pink are popular colors this year and will help set a beautiful tone for your party. Be sure and have the ability to dim the lights. Add candles or colored lights to set the mood. If you are serving dinner or need seating, Advantage Tent and Party Rentals can help with your party needs.


Keeping the food simple. Unless you love to cook and don’t mind spending the day in the kitchen, cater the party or buy prepared finger foods. Maybe include a few favorite recipes if you like. Even if you are having a dinner party, consider placing food around the room so guests can enjoy the offerings where they are, when they like. If money is an issue, consider supplying glass ware and dishes and host the party as a covered dish event.


Many people are creating specialty drinks for the occasion. You can serve the drink of the night to your guests. Don’t forget to include a virgin version for the designated drivers in the group. If the budget requires, have guests BYOB but provide the glassware, ice and staples for the drinks they may want to mix. You will need lots of ice! Renting glasses is the best way to serve drinks. You can allow for 2 or 3 per person. This also frees you up from having to do a ton of dishes later on. Advantage Tent and Party Rentals also has bar setups and extra serving tables for your convenience.

dance floor rentalsDancing and Music

Music can bring festive life to your party.  Choose your CD’s and selections carefully or consider having everyone choose a song or two.  If you know the majority of the people like classical music, you can lean in that direction or pick a station.  Have room to dance available.  Guests often need a chance to unwind and use their energy, other guests like to watch.  Your party rentals store has dance floors rentals available to create the space you need.

New Years Eve Party Ideas and Have To Haves

No New Years Eve Party would be complete without traditional party favors and noisemakers. Provide a basket of fun, colorful noisemakers and party gear for all your guests. They can pick and choose what they want and when they feel like being festive. Don’t forget mints either for the 12 O’clock hugs and kisses. If you need help planning your New Years Eve party, event planners at Advantage Tent and Party Rental can work alongside you to plan a New Years Eve Party your friends will never forget. Call Today!