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Planning your Christmas party is almost as fun as the event itself. There are many things you can do to ensure you have a great party. Here is a list to help get you started.

Make a Guest List

Don’t forget when you are planning your Christmas party to include everyone who should be invited. If this is a family event or a work party, you don’t want to leave anyone out. After you know the number of guests, you can pick a location.

Decide On The Date and Venue

Once you figure out where you want to host the event, make sure you pick a clean place. Make sure it is big enough to house your entire party. Make room for dancing if you desire and service tables. If you need help planning the space, your event planner at Advantage Tent and Party Rentals can help.

Provide Seating and Tables

You will need proper seating for the guests. Be mindful of guests in wheelchairs or with other handicaps. You will need to include tables for refreshments, or buffet tables, a gift exchange table if you plan on exchanging gifts and any other service tables you can think of. Advantage Tent and Party Rentals have bar set ups for both alcohol and non alcoholic drinks. They also have risers and anything you might need for a stage or band.

Decide on Food

Make sure you decide early how you will feed your guests. Finger food or buffet dinners make nice choices when you are planning your Christmas Party. Decide on drinks and desserts too. Once you know the basic menu, you can order linens and flatware to go with the meal.


Christmas parties are one of the easiest parties to decorate for. You will find strings of white lights look nice and set a warm tone for the party. Avoid using to many candles or scented candles because smoke and smells often affect people differently.  Linens make a Christmas party more formal and fit the occasion well.


Invitations need to be sent out well in advance. Christmas is a busy time of year and saving the date is important. The invitations used to give everyone a hint on how they should dress, but anymore people are often confused. You can help your guests by stating plainly how they should dress or what attire is appropriate.

Help Planning Your Christmas Party

If you have any questions about planning your Christmas party call one of the event planners at Advantage Tent and Party Rental. They are experts at planning parties and will be happy to help you plan yours.