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Planning your outdoor country wedding, tent and all, may seem like an overwhelming task here are a few tips to help break down the planning and make it more manageable.

Deciding to Have an Outdoor Country Wedding

If you’re planning an outdoor country wedding with tent, you are most likely having a DIY wedding. Don’t let that overwhelm you.  You can make the most of your day and the more you talk with event planners and vendors, the more relaxed you’ll feel. There are lots of clever ways to make your day spectacular without spending a fortune and there are a lot of ways to make an outdoor country wedding enchanting. Many people opt for an outdoor country wedding because that reflects who they are more than a traditional church wedding or a wedding at a reception hall.  Remember this is your day, and it’s all about YOU!

Date and Location

Picking where you want to have your outdoor wedding early allows you to set the date. Pick a date that works well with the important people you want at your wedding: Parents, grandparents and close friends and family. Check with the property owner to make sure the location is available on that date. If your date is important, you may need to change locations if the date is not open and if the location is important, you many need to change the date. Check the date with your clergy or officiate if that person is your only choice. This can cause a conflict later on if you don’t plan it from the get go.

First Things First

A soon as possible, get your engagement photos. If you’re doing a save the date, these can include your favorite photo. Decide on a budget and who pays for what.   Make an initial contact with as many vendors as possible, such as the tent rentals and party supply vendor, cake decorator, flowers, porta potty vendor and anyone else you can think of. Some vendors will require a deposit to set the date and guarantee services. This can be done about 6-8 months before the wedding or your vendor can let you know when they require a deposit or payment.  Checking with event planners early will give you more information and allow you to consider things they think of but you might not have thought of.

4 to 6 Months Before the Wedding

You should mail the save the date cards if you plan to. If not, you should mail the invitations about 3 months before the wedding. This is the time to make honeymoon plans and reservations. Premarital counseling and visits with the clergy or officiate should take place around now. Make sure your wedding gown and bridesmaid’s dresses have been chosen and ordered. If you don’t have much time, choose a bridal store that promises quick turn around and quick altering. Decide on flowers, party favors, decorations and other items you need to make your wedding beautiful and unique.  Begin looking at catering and what food and beverages you plan on serving.

2 to 3 Months Before the Wedding

Purchase wedding party gifts and plan the rehearsal dinner. Check requirements for marriage licenses in your state and make sure you have a plan to obtain yours. Create your wedding vows and your playlist for the wedding and reception. Check with vendors and make sure everything is ready and you’re all on the same page. Remember a tent reception will include tables, chairs and a dance floor. If you need a stage for the band, Advantage Tent and Party Rentals can provide this as well. Lighting, heaters and many other accessories are available through your tent and party supply store.

The final weeks – Planning Your Outdoor Country Wedding, Tent and All

The final weeks before the wedding will go by quickly. You should make sure everything is coming along smoothly. Check with all your vendors and confirm the head count where applicable.   Have a trial hair and makeup day and if possible have bridal photos done with your dress. Get your license and make any final preparations. Check your honeymoon reservations and pack for the honeymoon. Enjoy the rehearsal and relax! Your big day is coming sooner than you thought! Planning your outdoor country wedding, tent and all is easy when you break things down and tackle one thing at a time., make lists and stay organized.  Call Advantage Tent and Party Rentals and let their event planner help with all your tent and party rentals to help make your outdoor wedding a success!