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Planning an outdoor wedding or special event?  Advantage Tent & Party Rentals has what you are looking for.  From chairs and tables to the best in pole tent rentals in Cincinnati Ohio we are your one stop party rental center.  Choosing a pole tent will give your occasion that elegant yet festive feel.  They are a good choice for weddings, parties, galas, trade shows and more.

About Pole Tent Rentals in Cincinnati Ohio

As the name implies, Pole tents have a large center pole and various poles throughout the structure with tie downs coming out for additional support.  This allows them to provide a larger covered area.  They are the most cost effective solution for a large event.

Advantage Tent & Party Rental will be happy to take care of all the preparation of setting up your tent and taking it down.  This gives you plenty of time to decorate the tent and add the special touch that personalizes your wedding or special event.  Because of the greater room in the pole tent, there are many options you can choose from.  This flexibility is what makes pole tents so popular.

Benefits of Pole Tents

Pole tents with their cascading tops can come with sides, sides with windows or you can leave them open.  They provide covering and protection and you can rent heaters for them if you need to.  Lighting will add the ambiance and set the mood for your event.  Providing so many options makes Cincinnati Pole Tent Rentals a great choice.  Advantage Tent and Party Rentals is also a great choice because they are a reliable company who specializes in pole tent rentals.  They offer many different pole tent packages and pole tent accessories.

Pole tents offer flexible installation and they are very versatile.  They have the advantage of being larger and because they are a lower costing option they will fit into your budget nicely.

Advantage Tent & Party Rentals has an event planner that would love to answer any questions you have about your upcoming event.  They can show you what we have to offer, help you decide the size pole tent you need to accommodate your guests and talk to you about any concerns you have.  You can call them now at  (859) 581-0309.