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New Years eve is one of the best party times of the year. Families and friends enjoy getting together and sharing a great night of laughter and cheer as they remember the past year and ring in the new. If your planning a party, we can help you with these tips for the best New Years party ever!

The Plan

Half the fun of throwing a party happens while your planning. You can get your friends to help you plan or come up with ideas on your own. Pick colors, decorations, and party favors for your guests. Decide on when to have the party, and who to invite.


Decorate for the party, a little or a lot depending on your budget or creativity. People love pictures and will enjoy seeing pictures of their friends and family on your walls. This is a creative way to get people up and mingling. Placing the photos in a collage or placing them on colored ribbons can help with decorating too.

party rentalsRefreshments

There are many good drinks and refreshments available for your party. Consider weather to buy refreshments, make your own or have everyone bring something.

Party Rentals

If you need tables, bar set up, chairs or linens, your party rental connection at Advantage Tent and Party Rental can help. They have a complete line of party ware to service your party. Many times renting glasses can save you time, energy and money when you are hosting a large crowd.


Choose the music for your party. Consider having live music if you can. There are also many party games for people to pass the time away. Choose things that everyone will do and if you have the room offer more than one thing at a time. Having entertainment or planned games will give your guests something festive to do while they wait for the ball to drop.

Tips For The Best New Year’s Eve Party

If you need help planning your party, your event planner at Advantage Tent and Party Rentals can help. They can provide you with the correct number of items you need for your guests (like how many glasses per person) and they can help you lay out a party seating arrangement that will make the most sense of the room your entertaining in.