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Finding the right wedding tent rentals in Hamilton Ohio can be overwhelming to the new couple.  You will want to make sure that you find a company who will consider what you want and be able to deliver on time and without unnecessary problems.  You will want a company that offers all the items you need and will help you decide before hand what will work best.

Wedding Tent Rentals in Hamilton Ohio

Tents have come a long way over the years.  With a tent you can mold your rooms and coverings, adding extra flair to your wedding or reception.  You can add to the main room extra areas such as a small area to show off your cake or a small lounge with couches.  You can hide outside toilets with a tent.  Tents also can be dressed up with windows and inside walls to help them look like a real building.  The advantage of a tent is that it can be put up virtually anywhere.  You can add lighting and with the large ceilings chandeliers.

Estimates and Advice

Look for a company that can come out and investigate the area you want to use.  Make sure a tent will fit and which tent will work best on your site.  This will eliminate any confusion or a bigger problem on your wedding day.  The company that does wedding tent rentals in Hamilton Ohio will be experienced in knowing which tent and tent set up will best meet your needs.  They will have several floor plans to choose from.  They will also advise you on lighting and decorations to make your wedding tent look it’s best.

40x80 pole

Delivery and Pickup

On your wedding day you do not want to be concerned about the tent arriving or who will set up the chairs.  Having a company that is dependable and able to deliver the rentals on time and pick them up when you’re through, is a great convenience.  Family and friends will appreciate enjoying the wedding without worrying about dropping things off the next day.

Other Items

Besides the tent setup, you may also be looking for chairs, tables, and linens.  Having the same company bring all the items you need saves time and confusion.  Many times, you can save money by buying rental packages.  Your rental company will be able to advise you on the quantity of items you need and things you might forget.

You may also want to consider flooring for your tent and a dance floor.  Your Hamilton Ohio wedding tent rental expert will know which flooring option will work best for you.  They will also help with all the other things that go along with using a tent for your wedding such as heating or cooling equipment.

For all you wedding tent rentals in Hamilton Ohio, call Advantage Tent & Party Rentals today!  We will be happy to assist you!

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