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Your outdoor wedding won’t be complete without wedding tent rentals in Villa Hills Kentucky.  When you are considering your wedding and the perfect venue, many times your beautiful back yard holds the key.  You can transform your yard into an exquisite site for your wedding by adding a large pole tent and decorating for the occasion.

Planning Your Outdoor Wedding

Planning an outdoor wedding doesn’t require more hours than planning a wedding in any other venue.  You may find that you need to order chairs and tables for the event.  This can seem overwhelming but you will find when you are using Advantage tent and Party Rentals for your wedding tent rentals in Villa Hills Kentucky, you will get the help of your personal event consultant who can walk you through the steps of planning your outdoor wedding.

Designing Your Table Layout

Once you know how many guests you will have and the size of the tent you will need, you will have some options about which table layout will best suit your wedding needs.  You will also have an option to have whatever service tables you need.  This might include a table for the gifts, a table for drinks or a DJ table.  No worries though, your personal event consultant will direct you with questions designed to ensure you have all the accessories and tables you need.

Adding A Personal Touch

You can dress up your tent with linen table clothes which can be ordered in your wedding colors.  You will find an assortment of options and coverings for all your tables and service areas.  You can also dress up your chairs if you choose.  There are many options to allow you to decorate and personalize your wedding tent.  You can also add a dance floor or riser for the band or DJ.  You will be amazed what a beautiful reception you can have when you use Villa Hills Kentucky wedding tent rentals from Advantage Tent and Party Rentals.

Wedding Tent Rentals In Villa Hills Kentucky

You can get all your wedding rentals at one company when you choose Advantage Tent and Party Rentals.  They are a company who is dedicated to offering you dependable, courteous service and providing you with the best tent and accessories available.  When you want to know you are working with a company you can trust, call Advantage Tent and Party Rents.