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We have more winter wedding tips this week to show you how exciting a winter wedding can be. Don’t let unpredictable weather keep you from enjoying your wedding this time of year. Here are a few ideas to consider for your wedding.

A Unity Wreath

I’m sure you’ve seen ceremonies where the couple poured colored sand into a bottle or vase to symbolize 2 separate lives combined into one. This is a take off of that idea. A Unity Wreath allow the couple to decorate a wreath together in front of their family and friends to symbolize 2 becoming one. This is a great keepsake for the couple afterward too.

Enjoy Seasonal Colors, Sparkle and Dress

It’s winter so you can create a warm glow with deeper colors and dreamy sparkles. Take advantage of the winter wonderland outside and bring the magic of snow and ice into your venue. Need to add some sparkle to your greenery? Epson salts can do just that. Sprinkle some on a wet area and see how it shines.

Tantalize the Senses With These Winter Wedding Tips

You can create a visual look that is inviting and creative around the holidays but don’t forget about incorporating smells and textures to your decorations. Consider adding some eucalyptus to your greenery or scented candles in vanilla or cider. Greenery like boxwood, magnolia and cedar make fashionable bouquets too.  Choose deep colors or traditional holiday colors when you choose linens to rent.

Picture Perfect Photos

Taking some photos outdoors may require a little work and an extra outfit or accessories. Consider warm stockings or a nice fur wrap for the bridesmaids. Photos can be tricky this time of year if there’s snow on the ground. The best time to take pictures and avoid the glare is around 4-6. It may be a little difficult but don’t skip this opportunity for really great pictures.

winter wedding tipsWarm Up With Seasonal Favorites

There are a world of things you can do to provide comfort to your guests. Warm soup shots for appetizers and comfy food for dinner can help warm your guests. A coffee bar complete with hot chocolate and whipped cream goes a long way towards starting the party. Spice cookies and a tray of goodies looks beautiful and makes a nice afternoon or midnight snack. Consider choosing silver dinnerware and fine china to add luster to the occasion. Advantage Tent and Party Rental can provide you with all the tables, flatware and linens you need to set the table in style. Party rentals from Advantage come organized and ready to use. So give them a call and see what other winter wedding tips your event planner can share with you.