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Wedding tent rentals in Northern Kentucky is a great way to plan an outdoor wedding. I had the privilege of attending my niece’s wedding in Union Kentucky this past weekend. Boy was I amazed at how beautiful everything turned out. I can see why have a good tent rental company in Northern Kentucky is so important.

Pole Tents

My Niece rented a large pole tent big enough to house well over 200 people. I wondered how it would feel under a tent and to my surprise it wasn’t hot in the day even when the temperatures were in the mid 80’s and it wasn’t cold at night with the temperatures in the high 50’s. I also wondered if it would feel dark under the canopy and again it was light and you didn’t even feel like you were in a tent.  In fact it didn’t take long until I forgot all about the tent and just enjoyed the time I was having with family and friends.

Advantage Tent and Party Rentals were so helpful. They came out a few days before the wedding and set up the tent. They also sent someone out to wipe down the chairs before the wedding. I’m sure they did a lot more but that was just what I saw the few times I was there. They also had a table arrangement chart so we new exactly where to place the tables, which ensured we made the best use of our space. The team from Advantage Tent and Party Rentals was very courteous and helped us read the chart.

Tables, Chairs, Linens, and More

My niece ordered many tables and chairs. She was able to get different size tables for different things. The wedding party table was horseshoe shaped and set in front of the dance floor. On the other side of the dance floor was a riser for the band. When the band was done playing the wedding party took over and turned it into another dance floor. It was fun!

The linens came pressed and in plastic with directions about which table they belonged with. There were even linen tablecloths to hide the legs of the bar area and other service tables. Everything fit perfectly and looked elegant.   In fact the decorations looked amazing and with the tent it was so easy to attach lights and decorations, including a banner that ran behind the band announcing the new couple.

Wedding Tent Rentals in Northern Kentucky

If I were planning a wedding in beautiful Northern Kentucky, I would use a large pole tent too. Having a wedding tent rental company that handles all the supplies and all the extra accessories make it so easy. Having a wedding event planner to help guide you in the Northern Kentucky wedding tent rental process would help you so much, because you would have someone who knew what you needed and they would direct you in remembering all the details.

Having experienced a wedding in a beautiful pole tent has definitely shown me how wonderful an outdoor wedding and reception can be. If you’re planning a wedding consider wedding tent rentals in Northern Kentucky and call Advantage Tent and Party Rentals today.