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If you’re planning an outdoor event this winter, you may be asking yourself, “can I really keep a party tent hot in winter?”  The answer is, definitely.  At Advantage Tent and Party Rental we have a variety of heaters to make sure you and your guests stay comfortable all night long.  Your next question may be, what about harmful gases.  Don’t worry, we have the right equipment to keep you and your guests safe as well.  Here are a few things to consider when you’re looking for an outdoor event tent:

How To Plan An Outdoor Event With Tent

In winter, it can often get chilly and windy.  Make sure you get a sturdy tent from a reliable vendor.  You wouldn’t want to have to worry about your tent sagging or collapsing no matter what the weather was outside.  We recommend getting tent sidewalls. These come with windows and we also have clear tent sidewalls available.  Your event planner can help you prepare for winter weather with the right type heaters and with the right amount of heating for your party.  We also carry patio heaters which can heat each table or just a few spots inside the tent.   Visit the MyWedding website for more ideas on how to keep your outdoor winter wedding hot.

Can I Really Keep A Party Tent Hot In Winter?

We understand how important comfort is to you and your guests.  When you ask, “can I really keep a party tent hot in winter?”, we want you to relax knowing we’ve got you covered.  Our tents are designed to keep your guests comfortable and we have the heaters to make sure your guests are kept warm as well.  With the proper sidewalls and heating available, you will find yourself enjoying your big day and forgetting all about being cold.

Advantage Tent and Party Rental

When you work with Advantage tent and party rental, you will be amazed with the team of professionals who will help you plan your event.  We arrive on time with quality rental tents and equipment to make your day special.  We can help provide everything you need to make your outdoor event a success.  Our bathroom trailer is also an option for clean, comfortable restrooms during your outdoor event.  If you need tent rental in Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati area, call Advantage Tent and Party Rental