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You might think choosing the outdoors for your 2016 wedding is a risky decision. Yet many people are willing to take the chance with weather to have their wedding outside. We understand outdoor weddings and what makes them so popular. At Advantage Tent and Party Rentals, we can help you create the perfect 2016 outdoor wedding.

What About The Weather?

You may want to say your vows in front of a gorgeous view like a lake or wooded area but what happens if it rains? Having an outdoor wedding with no obstructed view is what many people long for. If it’s really hot or the weather isn’t cooperating, you can always say your vows and then retreat into a covered tent for the reception. Many people plan their weddings this way and that gives them back up if the weather should completely mess up. The important thing to do when you’re planning an outdoor wedding is to have a back-up plan for weather. It’s your wedding day and many people will travel to your wedding or make plans to attend. Scheduling a rain day is not an option!

What About Restrooms?

When it comes to having a wedding in your backyard or a park, you may be concerned about the restrooms. Choosing the outdoors for your 2016 wedding doesn’t mean you have to skimp on luxuries or accommodations. We have a modern restroom trailer that looks like a designer bathroom. It is completely transportable and can be used almost anywhere. With that worry aside you can concentrate on other matters.

Choosing The Outdoors For Your 2016 Wedding

At Advantage Tent and Party Rentals we can help you plan your 2016 outdoor wedding. We have all the tables, chairs, linens and a variety of other equipment you will need for your outdoor wedding. We are experienced at providing wedding rentals so you don’t have to worry about having what you need when you need it. For all your wedding rentals in 2016 call Advantage Tent and Party Rentals today.