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When planning a tent wedding, many decisions need to be made before the perfect event can happen. Advantage Tent and Party Rental is here to guide you through the process and make your rental experience the best it can be.

Renting a wedding tent seems like it would be pretty straight forward, right? You call the company who is setting up your tent; tell them the location, date, and number of people, and then bam! You arrive on your wedding day and the tent is there. The weather is perfect, the ceremony was beautiful, the food is delicious, the bar is well stocked, and the dance floor stays crowded.

Unfortunately, renting a tent requires a lot of thought, a lot of preparation, and a lot of decisions before that perfect moment can be achieved. Lucky for you, Advantage Tent and Party Rental, a leader in wedding tent rental in Northern Kentucky and the Cincinnati area, can guide you through this process with ease.

How To Rent A Wedding Tent

Tent Size: The first item that needs to be addressed is the guest list. Knowing roughly how many people will be in attendance is necessary when deciding the size tent that you need.  This is the first step in how to rent a wedding tent.

Tent Shape: Do you prefer a round tent? Do poles in the middle of the tent bother you? We offer our customers the option of a pole tent or a frame tent for their wedding events. A pole tent is a tent with support beams that run vertically from the ground up spaced through the tent. A frame tent is a tent that is held up by those same poles, but around its perimeter.

Tent Accessories: We offer the option of lighting and sidewalls for our guests. If you will be providing your own lighting, then you don’t need to worry about this decision, but we can also provide your tent with six different styles of lighting to add style and beauty to the night’s affair. Our sidewalls come in three different styles: clear, solid, and window, each varying in price. If you are looking for your wedding to be contained to the tent to give it a more formal feeling, sidewalls are the best option for you to do so.

Tables and Chairs: Renting tables and chairs is the next thing you need for your perfect tent wedding. Depending on the amount of money you want to spend, you can choose basic tables and chairs or select upgrades of either product. After you have selected how many and which tables you want for your guests, linens for each table will need to be rented as well.

Extras: Other things to consider for a tent wedding are rather or not you need heaters or fans inside your tent. Depending on the weather, this is something you will definitely want because you will want your guests to be comfortable while they are in attendance. There are a few different styles of heaters and fans to choose from, and depending on your tent size you may need more than just one. Other questions to ask yourself are, will you need a bar? A raised stage? A restroom trailer? Maybe a wedding package would be a perfect fit for your wedding? There are many extras that can be added on when renting your tent, but it all depends on your budget and what you deem necessary for your night.

Your Local Tent Rental Company

Now that you have seen a guide on the basics of renting a tent for a wedding, your next step is to call Advantage Tent and Party Rental for any other questions you have about how to rent a wedding tent. We have specialized in creating wedding celebrations to remember for over twelve years and we are ready to guide you through this process and help you plan your tent rental to make your special day perfect for your guests and yourself. Give us a call today at (859)-581-0390 and we can talk you through all the decisions you need to make to get that perfect moment.