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There are a number of outdoor wedding venues in Northern Kentucky. You can look on a number of websites to find the right one or choose an outdoor wedding venue that is a special place where you and your soon to be groom have history.

Outdoor Wedding Venues in Northern Kentucky

Outdoor weddings, providing the weather cooperates, are a great experience. You can incorporate a beautiful background of trees or a lake into the wedding pictures. Some brides will have a place all picked out based on where the couple met or spent a lot of time. Other brides will be lucky enough to have a relative or friend who has a large outdoor backyard or farm where the wedding can take place.  There are many places designed to be outdoor wedding venues in Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area.

Do You Need A Wedding Tent Or Rest Room Trailer

Once you pick one of the outdoor wedding venues in Northern Kentucky, you will need to decide if you need a wedding tent rental or a rest room trailer rental. Advantage Tent And Party Rentals can help you choose the perfect size tent for your wedding. We are experienced in supplying all the necessary equipment to take care of all your wedding and wedding reception needs. We offer a variety of wedding tent rental packages and special pricing to make your wedding spectacular and we will help you stay within your budget. We provide all the tables, chairs, linens and many of the special area setups like the bar set up or dance floor and DJ table. We take care of all the details too. This is very important because come your wedding day, you don’t want to be worrying about dirty tables or if the tent will hold up.

If you need help with your outdoor wedding plans, call Advantage Tent and Party Rental we have event planners standing by to answers any questions you might have.