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Coolers and Freezers



106 Quart Igloo Coolers 

Capacity- 145 12-oz Cans


Deep Freezer

Deep Freezor

15 Cubic Feet Freezor – Generally will hold 30-35 pounds of ice per cubic feet 15 cubic feet x 30 = 450LBS of ice or if in bags typcally will hold 15-20 large bags of ice.

5 Cubic Feet Freezor – Perfect for Ice Cream or mixing drink ice


Keg Coolers

Keg Coolers (The Yeti for Kegs)


Do you think “warm draft beer” are three words that should never be in the same sentence? Put this keg cooler to work at your party, and they’ll never have to be!

Keep your keg cold all weekend with just three bags of ice. This beer keg cooler has blown-in-place insulation that will keep your draft beer fully frosty with minimal ice melt and zero condensation. The rugged double wall polyethylene construction with molded handles is a perfect combination of functional elegance and handsome practicality. A reversible lid (with a center opening for your picnic pump) ensures that you can store either a quarter or a half keg without any incident.

With tons of space, you can easily fit your 1/2 barrel (full keg) with some extra room for ice and to stack some food on top. Or use it as a massive beer cooler with capacity for up to 168 cans.

Electric Chest Cooler

Electric Chest Cooler (22 Cases)

5’6” Electric Bottle Cooler

Brews are best served cold, so make sure they’re always held in the proper environment immediately prior to service! With this bottle cooler, you can store bottles of craft beers, ciders, and sodas in its refrigerated. Plus, the unit circulates eco-friendly R290 refrigerant to maintain proper temperatures between 33 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which not only ensures that each bottle is perfectly chilled, but that your business does its part to help protect and preserve the environment.


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