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When you consider planning your wedding with spring 2016 wedding trends, you have to realize many of these trends were in the making or presented on the fashion runway in the spring of 2015. With that said, here are a few wedding trends for 2016 that are sure to be a hit and last longer than spring.

The Wedding Dress Fashion Trends

It is expected that the wedding dress will evolve some in 2016. Expect to see more body, more fabric and well, more! Whether you choose a little white dress, a large full-scale 3D gown or a soft long sleeve lace, you can expect your wedding dress to reflect your personal style. One trend in fashion we haven’t seen a lot of until now is the wedding tuxedo. A white full fitted pantsuit for women. From warmly traditional to drastically modern, the gown you choose or the pantsuit, may come in white, pastel or a soft flower print.  Either way pick what is right for you.  Weddings should be as unique as the people getting married.

Wedding Reception Trends

When it comes to planning a wedding in 2016 consider these spring 2016 wedding trends. According to many experts Instagram and social media sites will determine many of the spring trends. From colored champagne to focal points perfect for pictures, how you decorate your wedding reception and the colors you highlight in every possible way, including the champagne will mean more and be a bigger focus. Couples are also choosing more organic flower arrangements and more rustic holders.  Some will choose this to save money and others to capture a country look.

Changing Spring 2016 Wedding Trends

It’s your big day and we’re sure you’ve been planning this day for a long time. Looking over the latest trends and what others are doing may just inspire you to follow a few ideas and hopefully create a few of your own. Pictures will be a big part of the day and planning everything just right will make sure your wedding is memorable. Advantage Tent and Party Rental will be happy to help you plan your big day. We have outdoor wedding tents and all the reception tables and chairs you might need. We also have a variety of colored linens to help you celebrate your big day. If you’re planning a wedding, give us a call. We’d love to work with you.