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Striped Tents

Striped Tents

Striped Tents.  We have a large selection of colored and striped tents, our colored tents are perfect for festivals,. Car sales, or themed parties. The majority of our colored tents are frame style tents making them very versatile and have the ability to be setup on almost any surface.

Available Sizes & Colors :

20’x20’ Green/White Striped  Tent 

20’x20’ Red/White Striped  Tent  *Weights TBD

20’x20’ Blue/White Striped  Tent  *Weights TBD

20’x20’ Baby Blue/White Striped  Tent  *Weights TBD

20’x20’ Orange/White Striped  Tent  *Weights TBD

20’x20’ Black/White Striped  Tent  *Weights TBD

20’x20’ Yellow/White Striped  Tent  *Weights TBD

Pink Tents

Advantage Tent & Party Rental has partnered with the Greater Cincinnati Affiliate of The Susan G. Komen to support The Search For The Cure.

10% Of the rental of any of our Pink Tent packages will be donated to The Greater Cincinnati Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Search For The Cure.

Show case your party or event with a beautiful Pink Tent and help support The Search

Available Sizes: Longer Lengths Available

20’x20’ Pink Pole Tent “Requires 30’x30’ flat unobstructed area” 

20’x30’ Pink Frame Tent “Requires 30’x40’ flat unobstructed area”

20’x40’ Pink Frame Tent “Requires 30’x50’ flat unobstructed area”


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