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    Number of Guests: What is the highest guest count possible, we only charge for what we deliver when it comes to tables, chairs, and linens. It is best to plan a little high, so we can make sure the items you want are available, and the tent is big enough.

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    Site access, how far from where we park our trucks will the tent be going?

    Head TableSweetheart TableSit With Guests

    Table Types:
    Banquet TablesRound Tables

    Are you having a band, or a DJ?
    If you are having a band do you need a Stage?
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    Buffet DinnerFood StationsPlated Dinner
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    BarDrink Tables/Area
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    Cake/Cupcake TableCake/Cupcake Area

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    Gift TableGift Area
    Are you doing a seating chart, if so do you need?
    Do you want cocktail tables / Inside or Outside the tent?
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    Is your ceremony going to be at the same location / If so do you need two sets of chairs?
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    Do you know what style of chairs you want?
    SamsoniteWoodMahogany Dining
    Samsonite Chairs White Resin Padded Chairs Mahogany Chiavari Chairs
    Do you want a dance floor?
    Do you want a generator, with distribution boxes?

    Do you need a restroom trailer?

    Do you have a preference on linen length or colors? Our linens range from $6-$24 depending on the material, and length.

    Do you want tent lighting?

    If you have any other information you think we might need, or if you have an event theme please let us know.