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The summer wedding challenge is what every bride has to contend with when they choose a summer wedding. From picking the perfect place for the wedding, to worrying about the weather, there are many things that make a summer wedding a challenge. These tips can help.

The Summer Wedding Challenge

Summer weddings can be hot and humid. This means how you dress, what flowers you choose and the refreshments you provide all make a difference. You can add a wedding tent to help accommodate your guests but these are some truly unique wedding ideas that we think deserve being mentioned.

Choose Wilt less flowers – This could be flowers made from twine, a bouquet of jewelry or centerpieces made entirely out of candy.

Provide Guest with Water – If your ceremony is outside, you want to make sure you offer something to keep your guests cool. Consider parasols and water with or without fruit for a easy way to keep your guests cool.

Dress Light – No one wants to suffer the heat in a hot suit. If you like the formal look, light colored tuxes will do the trick. Consider allowing your bridesmaids to wear shorter dresses and allow the groomsmen to dress in shorts and short sleeve shirts or polo shirts. Add colorful flip-flops decorated with bows for an easy to wear shoe option.

Keep the bugs away – Use citronella candles and lanterns to help draw bugs away from the area. Consider treating the area the day before.

Our Solutions to the Challenges of A Summer Wedding

Having a summer wedding can be a challenge if the weather is too hot. Having bad weather can also cause problems. Advantage Tent and Party Rentals can help you plan your summer wedding to include everything you need for wedding success. Call Today to speak to our event planner.