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There are many Thanksgiving dinner party ideas that can help you throw a family get together your family will remember for years to come. Adding a few special touches and making sure you have seating for the entire crowd will go a long way towards making sure everyone feels comfortable and enjoys your Thanksgiving party.

Thanksgiving Table Decorations

You can decorate your home for the Thanksgiving holidays with greenery pinecones and fruit. For a fragrant display add a few oranges and insert cloves to create a pattern. This not only looks interesting but also adds a nice fall fragrance to the air. Use fall pumpkins and gourds to create centerpieces and decorate your tables. Nice table clothes or runners also add to the ambiance and creates a nice background for your holiday dinner.  Consider personalizing each seat with name plates made from fall cards or fall cutouts.

Hosting a Crowd For Thanksgiving

Don’t let your list of relatives leave you overwhelmed. You can easily add seating and tables to your home for all your guests. Not sure where to put the tables, you can move furniture from your living room and create a nice, large open area for dining.   Round tables always look elegant and long rectangle tables make great banquet seating and serving areas. Advantage Tent and Party Rentals can provide you with the right amount of tables and chairs to fit your entire guest list. Set up and take down is also provided which leaves you with plenty of time to fix the turkey.

Thanksgiving Dinner Party Ideas

Adding linens to your tables can add an elegant look to your dinner party. Your guests will think you spent a fortune on table clothes and matching linens. Cloth napkins are also an option when you are considering Thanksgiving dinner party ideas. When you’re serving a large crowd, consider using elegant throwaway flatware that looks like real silverware. Plastic plates can also save you time with clean up. After all, you have a lot to do and this can help ease some of the duties associated with hosting Thanksgiving dinner.

Outdoor Seating

When you guest list is so large, you can’t fit everyone into one room, you might want to consider renting an outdoor tent. Pole tents and canopies come in many different sizes. You can easily house your entire Thanksgiving dinner under one of our sturdy tents. This allows you to entertain a large crowd without upsetting your household. A tent can also keep you away from the elements and provide a comfortable spot where everyone can be together. Special heaters ensure that no one is too cold.

For all your Thanksgiving dinner party ideas, Advantage Tent and Party Rental is the place to go. Call today to speak to an event planner who can help you plan your Thanksgiving dinner party.